About Mediterraneanista

I live in New York City and eat (mostly) a Mediterranean diet. I’m an amateur, as in “lover of,” the Mediterranean way, not a foodie or a chef (I wish!). Via this blog, I share my explorations and discoveries as I shop, cook, learn about and eat Mediterranean in the five boroughs of my city.
In my day job, using my real name, Basia Hellwig, I develop and edit magazines—print and online—with fellow editor Anne Mollegen Smith at Qwerty Communications. We work a bit like a movie-production studio, pulling together teams for specific projects. We’ve launched a family science magazine for Scientific American (and seen it through its first year), done a Brides’ Guide for Consumer Reports, produced a dozen issues of The Art of Simple Living for Hearst and edited AARP’s pub Live & Learn for 50+ lifelong learners—first in print, then online. Oh, and produced a couple of issues of Ms. and did I mention Yoga+ Joyful Living? Lifelong learners indeed!